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London Bombing: Thoughts? Comments?

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this will be used by president Bush to get Blaire to commit more troops to Iraq. See, we know that they are totally unrelated... but Bush needs to stick to the lie.

It is really terrible... and as Americans we kinda see the attack as somthing small compared to 9/11. What we need to realize is that all attacks are big, because people are dying meaninglessly. The D.C. Sniper killed 10 people and the nation was in an uproar. these people killed 6 times that many in less then an hour and most of the people i have talked to are rather indifferent.... it is sad really
Tell me about it! Someone on my friends list was whining because her favorite TV show was pre-empted by the news coverage.

People make me so angry sometimes. :(
it isn't that people suck, it is that the media sucks ass. there are two kinds of bad media persuasion in this country.

A)The Fluff- stuff like reality TV makes people totally indifferent to what goes on in this world. people care more about the bachelor than they do about the state of the world. it is sickening.

B)Carnage, Nausea, Necrosis(CNN)- people are constantly flooded with images of death every day by the US media. Try to think back and remember a news broadcast where atleast one murder or rape was not mentioned. you wont be able to find it. It desensitizes us so we are left numb to the terrorist attacks in London, Spain, Israel, and even Iraq, where our troops are being killed every day.

Media sucks...haha
My sister's working for a media company at the moment... in London.
France did it - they were pissed because of the Olympics