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1st off, welcome to a new year of JSA!!!


2nd, a thought talk, why not.....

Lately the United States has really been pushing for the Iraqis to produce a constitution, whether the reason for this is so that we can atleast declare some victory in this disastrous war or because we think it is the right thing to do. in the past, US imposed constitutions have failed, for example in Libya, where the constitution was actually written in Harvard's law school. this constitution lasted about 2 years and ended with an extremely bloody civil war. what i'm trying to get at here is.... can a constitution imposed by the united states work?

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I think that any constitution imposed by anywhere can only work if the people of the nation as a whole are willing to abide by it. Of course, if we are pushing it on them and a few of the top people who are going to sign it, are the ones who say "ok", then the people of the nation are going to rebel because they didnt have a say in it and now they are expected to do it. One of the main reasons our constitution suceeded was because we were a new nation that decided we needed it to maintain the law, we werent forced to create one and follow it by anyone
Lately the United States has really been pushing for the Iraqis to produce a constitution...

I think if the Iraqis created it themselves in a way that the people could receive it as their own and not something the US created for them, it could work. I think of the government came to me like "So, these people from a big law school in England wrote us all these laws, now we're going to follow them," I'd be a little wary, too.
I agree. A constitution for the Iraqis: "of the people, for the people and by the people." We don't know what its like to live there, and we aren't aware of all of their customs (the good ones that don't involve bombing). Who better to write an appropriate constitution than new founding fathers? The US seems to think intervening is the only way things can get done, so maybe the legislation can approve said constitution.
of course it MIGHT work, but there is a large probability thaat it won't work, a nation needs to decide what it's own morals and principles not us. Therefore I say no. The US constitution was a work of art, but it fit the context of the time, this one must do the same and we cannot provide them that