jeremy Constancio (band_dude) wrote in texas_jsaers,
jeremy Constancio

howdy jsaers

I feel ridiculous for not thinking about looking this up earlier. My name is Jeremy and I attended the Texas Symposium this past May. I got a packet in the mail about starting up a chapter at my school which is what prompted me to search lj for jsa communities.

I live in Austin, just fyi. I'm actually going to meet Kinky tomorrow at a Literacy Day event near my school. Anyone else going?
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yo jeremy ho'w it hangin, what school do you go to... i'd like to know what is goin down. always love to hang with the kinkster
I don't think he mentioned it, but the guy who posted (tubby) is also Jeremy from austin, so he can help you out if you need anything.
desmond... thank you for being there... when i need you *tear*

god I love Vanilla Ice...

I am D2. love me, ph33r m3, b0w 70 m3