Amanda Whiddon and I are collaborating on a Senior Slideshow for Spring State. We're aiming for baby/kid/current pictures of JSA people who will be graduating this year.

So if you are a senior and want to be in the slideshow or if you are a friend of a senior and want to wish them the best, send pictures/text to me at:

Thanks guys!

Desmond For LtG!


This is Desmond Bitner, the GCR Vice-Mayor. I announced at winter that I'll be running for Lieutenant Governor at the upcomming spring convention and am just posting this to the TJSA livejournal ring as a reminder.

Heads up I guess, 'cause I'm goin to rock this thing!

Desmond Bitner
GCR Vice-Mayor

E-mail me if yall have any questions, comments, concerns, or whatever about me or my campaign. The more people who want to get involved the better.

More on this later

P.S. How come nobody posts on this anymore? Didn't we used to have stuff happening here?


ok you crazy cats... its go time.

there is a mini convention in the lovely city of austin texas. it is being put on but the outrageous,amazing, and slightely pretentious anderson high school. it is going down on the 2nd weekend of january. admission will be $10 and it will feature key note speaker Former representative Sherri Greenburg(rep for travis county for 20 years). everyone should attend, it should be a hoot.

this was just a heads up... actual time, dates,location, and debates will be hammered out by the end of the week.

everyone who would like to come should leave a message and we'll talk.
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howdy jsaers

I feel ridiculous for not thinking about looking this up earlier. My name is Jeremy and I attended the Texas Symposium this past May. I got a packet in the mail about starting up a chapter at my school which is what prompted me to search lj for jsa communities.

I live in Austin, just fyi. I'm actually going to meet Kinky tomorrow at a Literacy Day event near my school. Anyone else going?

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1st off, welcome to a new year of JSA!!!


2nd, a thought talk, why not.....

Lately the United States has really been pushing for the Iraqis to produce a constitution, whether the reason for this is so that we can atleast declare some victory in this disastrous war or because we think it is the right thing to do. in the past, US imposed constitutions have failed, for example in Libya, where the constitution was actually written in Harvard's law school. this constitution lasted about 2 years and ended with an extremely bloody civil war. what i'm trying to get at here is.... can a constitution imposed by the united states work?

feel free to comment

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